Honey Flavor Black Tea, 蜜香紅茶, 台灣紅茶, Taiwan Black Tea, Red Tea

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Honey Flavor Black Tea 坪林蜜香紅茶 2024 夏茶 Summer Tea

TWD $170 ~ 1,020

TWD $119 ~ 714

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【一級茶】 坪林蜜香紅茶 2024 夏茶 茶葉
Pinling Honey Flavor Black Tea 2024 Summer Loose Leaf Tea


Tea Region: Taiwan, New Taipei City, Pinling

產季:2024 夏茶
Harvest Season: 2024 Summer

Tea cultivar: Chin-Shin Oolong

坪林茶區, Pinling Tea Region, 台灣茶葉, Taiwan Tea


風味測試的時候是剛烘焙好的時候,茶葉放一兩個月後 (2024 八月) 煙燻感會降低,果味和甜感會提升。

Just like the most famous Oriental Beauty tea, the tea will have natural honey sweet flavor after tea tree been bit by jassid. It's called honey flavor black tea when the tea leaves become black tea.

2024 honey flavor black tea has aromas of brown sugar and ripe citrus, with a hint of woody fragrance.
You can feel the taste of a sweet honey and citrus flavor at first, followed by a finish of smoky dried longan.
When the flavor was tested, the tea was freshly roasted. After one or two months (August 2024), the smokiness will decrease, and the fruity and sweet notes will become more pronounced.


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* If you’d like to purchase large package or weight, please email us: teascholar.com@gmail.com

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Honey Flavor Black Tea 坪林蜜香紅茶 2024 夏茶 Summer Tea

TWD $170 ~ 1,020

TWD $119 ~ 714


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