Chin-Shin Oolong, 青心烏龍, 凍頂烏龍茶, Tonding Oolong Tea


Tonding Oolong Tea 2021 Winter Loose Leaf Tea 【一級茶】 凍頂烏龍 2021 冬茶 茶葉

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【一級茶】 凍頂烏龍 2021 冬茶
Tonding Oolong Tea 2021 Winter


Tea Region: Lugu and Mingjian, Nantou County, Taiwan

產季:2021 冬茶
Tea leaf picked season: 2021 Winter

Tea cultivar: Chin-Shin Oolong

鹿谷茶區, 名間茶區, 凍頂山, 凍頂茶區


This Tonding Oolong winter tea is a little lighter than normal but still very delicious. The aroma is sandalwood and dried fruit. The tea is delicate style with woody, smoke, dried fruit flavor. There's long acid, dried longan, mouthwatering after taste.

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